Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Internets I love joo !!!!11

How did we exist without the Internet it's such an integral part of most peoples lives now. From blogs, networks, feeds, access to unlimited resources of entertainment. I would go as far as saying I prefer browsing the Internet to watching television. Facebook as you know is one of the main sites that I check out and they are constantly working to improve the setup. I am in all the pies, creating a fan page and signing up to be a developer. As it stands the actual Wall is a mess and it's good to read that they are to be upgrading for tabbed browsing. Makes sense I think and will make it less cluttered. I don't feel like I have a lot of applications but still my page has been squashed up which will be resolved by this!

After meeting up with my girl after work we all headed over to my parents for me to see the kids and my family. I have a form that I had to fill out about my Son's behaviour and it wasn't nice although it's required. I'm sure that he is fine just an overly competitive energetic little guy!! Paid my mum the majority of my bonus tonight, downer to be parting with the cash but I owe her so it needed to be done. After dropping them off and returning home we searched online for an episode of CSI that we have been waiting to see for a while. It's the finale of the Miniature Killer and having seen the other episodes several times this one has never been picked up. The Internet the saviour again hey!!!