Monday, February 18, 2008

Tick followed tock followed

Still haven't found out my bonus at work, probably the long delay means that I will end up getting cinema tickets, clothing vouchers or a novelty clock. I am holding out for the clock and with a decent alarm as well as I have a real habit of snoozing my phone alarm. Really busy at work at the moment as just as I start to edge closer to finishing one task something else comes into play. Really interested in the direction of the internet at the moment and I am debating whether it's time to move on from my company and embrace a new direction. I'm sure you will find out what I will do over the coming months here anyway. Was hoping for another home draw in the FA Cup today but we got Barnsley away! Not the end of the world though as it's a good tie and hopefully one that will lead to us reaching the next round. Here is the full draw;

1 Sheffield United or Middlesbrough v Cardiff City

2 Manchester United v Portsmouth

3 Bristol Rovers v West Bromwich Albion

4 Barnsley v Chelsea