Friday, February 08, 2008 is attempting to build the future of life online apparently! A bold statement as before today I hadn't read anything on this but after stumbling across it tonight I will say that it's caught my attention. If you have read my blog recently you will see that I have been looking at sites signing up to them and then within a short period of time they have been forgotten. It's not like I am on a quest to find the next big thing but I am always interested about sites to broaden my online presence. Finding I feel that this is definitely the way forward and I have applied to be involved in the beta and will impatiently wait for the email offering me a chance to get involved. Briefly what the site offers is a single solution for gathering all of your various online identities and publishing destinations into a single social media space.
Taken from the site: brings together all kinds of things that you and your social network create on the web in one place. There you decide who sees what. You can share and re-publish your contents and even add additional texts and media from your dashboard. To make sharing your life easier, breaks down your social life into seven of the most important parts: public, family, friends, local, professional, romantic and secret. You have one fully adjustable profile for each of your networks. The same way you share your life with others, your network contacts share their life with you.