Wednesday, February 07, 2007


It seems like I am trapped in the same loop that goes round and around with my childrens mother. She really has taken offence to me at the moment and although she is holding on to the time I got to see my son I think it's a lot deeper than that but hopefully it will blow over. Tried speaking to her but it wasn't worth it as she just isn't listening at the moment.

Decided that I would take a lot more to work as I was going to be staying out and with the forecast of snow I wanted to make sure that I was prepared. Work was alright had my assessment to see how I am getting on and the only bad mark really is the times I have been late recently. That's something I will improve on though as it's not about getting a disciplinary for that. Work was good to me today haha, had to move a load of equipment so I devised a tool to hold the lift. It was impressive and I am sure even McGuiver would be envious.
Just settling in tonight for a few drinks a stir fry and the mighty England playing Spain. You know it's going to be a good one haha...

Hmmm how many pictures did we take ?!?!