Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Valentine

I always feel like I don't do enough on Valentines Day, I always want to give the world but due to that being slightly above my price range I feel like I don't do enough. It's hard to know what the person you are trying to show your feelings to what they expect. Is it practical, love, respect etc that they want to be shown. Are they even interested in the day being special or just see it as just another day in the calendar. I love it and I will always try and figure out the best way to show that I have been attentive to what they mean to me and not just random with a hoping gift with no real thought. Think what I got went down well and when I met up with her that night my girl looked so much more sexier than my colleague at work haha. Had a really good night with her and well happy at the moment with what we have. Hopefully the situation with my children will improve, which I am sure it will and then I will be able to scale buildings in a single bound and move faster than trains haha !!