Sunday, February 18, 2007

I make shadows

That's right and they make me feel so tall that my shadows cover everything. You really have to read into that statement and answers on a postcard if you are on the same level as me to know what I am talking about. Anyway on and on and after an exceptional long journey to Bexleyheath which I am sure that she will recall forever my girl finally met me in Bexleyheath yesterday and although the plan was Bluewater we will save that for a day when we aren't distracted by the internet haha. We didn't do too much other than go around a few shops but I really felt like a random as there were loads of people that I knew walking about and I felt like an inbred haha. Finally introduced her to my parents who were having a coffee in the Broadway and although it was brief they loved her.

The order of the day was the evening and we decided to part company and meet at her house to get ready. I am no good at this getting ready scenario and I was always going to make a meal of it haha. When I eventually reached her house I had a quick shower, pretended to her that I had cut myself anyone who has used the Lynx Boost shower Gel will no where I am coming from. Got dried, hair dried straightened and no Wax so had a diva moment and then just hair sprayed it up. My hair is my hobby and I have great pride in it so even though I looked like a fuzzy lion the show must go on haha.

Next on the menu haha you see what I am doing there with the whole order of day and meal thing haha - superb. Next was make up, yeah not a great thing for me if I am honest but my girl wanted me to look good and having spent around forty pound on Benefit I lent her my face. I looked ill at one point and like I had just had surgery as it made my eyes look smaller. Then went on mascara on one eye and we left for the pub, now not being great with make up I figure that there's something a little out of place here but being no expert I move on to the main course haha.

It was a good night and apart from one minor distraction it was about me tasting the Bromley experience and learning what a great dancer my girl is haha ;). Tried to get the DJ to play N Dubs - Swear but he told me he thought it was the worst song out at the moment. That hurt mate it cut me deep haha. Anyway we rocked out and as I had a heart drawn on my cheek I had people question me if I was Emo, it's either being homosexual or Emo at the moment so I just go with the flow. One person in the toilets really liked the heart on my face and wanted to know where I got it and another person asked whether it was a tattoo. Bromley has a lot to learn about mascara, in much the same way I have a lot to learn about dancing. All in all it was all good and my girl had a good night out which for me is what it was all about. I've made some new friends too and looking forward to next weekend now although haven't planned anything just get excited easily. You should see me over a cup of tea it's eventful to say the least. Today I am just enjoying the company of my children, watching Pirates of the Caribbean which is a must with them. See ya later Alligator..................