Thursday, February 15, 2007

Special case

Is that what I am as sometimes I figure that's what I become with the way I can talk and switch conversation, change direction, twist the topic and still end up with the point. There's only me and one of my brothers that I know that can do it and sometimes he has me in awe with what he covers when he tells a story. Looking forward to living with him soon as I know we will just talk randomly for hours. It's all about the random conversations in my opinion though as being on the phone to someone who is just like ... Er... errr.... Yeah... etc isn't very fun and also appears slightly one sided.

Another person I have good conversations with is my girl we can actually talk for hours and multi task as well with other methods of communication... Oh yeah !! Last night was good as we had a few drinks and our discussion was good although I am sure I confused her at more than one point in the night haha. Still haven't mastered the trains from her house in the morning but I am getting better and in on time'ish as well. Had training at work today for Year End and I expect this is something a lot of companys will be having fun with over the coming weeks. Good luck with that and especially in April as it's expected to be a fun period. Going back around my girls tonight and hopefully I will be able to sort out some new clothes as we are going shopping as I really am becoming the smelly kid haha