Monday, February 05, 2007

A day in the life

Yesterday was a mixed day, Man Utd winning wasn't part of the plan but still it's good as I like the premiership as it's a good contest this year although it's looking increasingly likely that the title will be heading away from London this year, or will it. Spent the night with my children and my daughter was sweet as she stayed by my side until she fell asleep in my arms. She slept through but my boy woke with the first of many 'mishaps' to take place that day. He hasn't been feeling too good lately so he can be forgiven for having the occasional accident.

Around the middle of the afternoon we decided to go down the park but first stopped off to pick up some bits from the shops. My daughter said that she didn't have anything for her packed lunch so I got them some bits and pieces and also picked up some Mexican food to cook. You know I have it going with the Minced Beef, Jamie Oliver watch out fella. After shopping I went in search of a lunch box in one of the other stores but the boy had an accident so we had to escape and head to another shop to pick him up a new outfit. Well felt for him as it just wasn't his day for making the toilet on time. After this we headed to the park briefly and stayed here until my childrens mum's friends picked them up for dinner.

I headed to see my girl and attempt to cook, it worked although it was spicy so it didn't go down too well haha. We watched some program on randoms with tempers and chilled out for the evening scratching our heads and trying to figure out what was going on in the program haha. Was well tired though so just crashed out and did nothing. Managed to book a day off work for tomorrow which is my sons birthday. Looking forward to that although tensions between me and their mother are a little strained at the moment so I hope that it goes okay. I'm going to head up to Hamleys to get some bits as Toys R Us over Thurrock is a mission to get to so looking to get up London and then come back to the party/bowling/whatever is going on !!