Sunday, February 25, 2007

Come on the Blues

With both Chelsea and Arsenal still in the running for a quadruple of silverware this season, something is going to give this afternoon. That's right all roads lead to Cardiff for the first ever all-London League Cup Final. It would be an unlikely quadruple if I am honest as I think both teams are off the pace in the Premiership and the Champions League has still been beyond the reaches of a London club. The war of words has already started with both Mourinho and Wenger exchanging comments through the media. With the real battle on the pitch this afternoon I am hoping for a blue day for all the right reasons.

The Arsenal Kids have done really well with their route to the final and have looked impressive and strong. Our season has been marred by injuries but it's good to reach the first final of the year with whats been perceived as a mixed season. I can't see why though especially as we are still charging on all fronts. Screwing about the Man Utd result yesterday but it only takes one game to turn things around in the Premiership especially as United have to come to the Bridge. Anyway I will be on it later with the match and hopefully we can get the result especially as people at work are itching to stir it up Monday haha !!!