Saturday, February 24, 2007

The traveller

Well the day at work was random as there is a piece of tinsel that hangs down above my desk and I couldn't concentrate as it resembled a spider haha. Lunch time came and went and I hit All Saints and I could have spent soo much here but decided to just pick up a TShirt and Cardigan. After work I headed West as wanted to have a look around, Diesel and All Saints are definitely the way as I think they have a quality range and I can see myself spending dollars in there over the coming months. From Selfridges I picked up some new Swears which I think are wicked and some Jeans. Then it was off on my mission, I had printed out a timetable for the trains from Victoria and the minutes seemed to be flying by so after what seemed like an age queuing for a ticket I dashed to pick up some flowers and then ran to the train.

This was a unique train as it would break in half later in the journey, I well needed a shave but decided against it as didn't want to box myself into the toilets with all my bags haha. I just laid up in First Class until the conductor came along and told me to move and 'take my rubbish with me'. Quite a mean thing to say but if he gets off on the power of his job good luck to him. It was a long train journey and an hour and a half later I finally landed in Herne Bay to be greeted by my girl and her dad. She had also been on it with the shopping and looked wicked in what she was wearing.

Quickly had a fix up look sharp at her house and then we descended onto Herne Bay. My walking apparently doesn't fit the bill in Herne Bay because where we turned up and I got out of the car the bouncers questioned me as if I were drunk. Apparently she is a legend here from back in the day and this was confirmed within minutes of our arrival as there were loads of people that recognised her. Some fellas that she knew clearly loved having their picture taken as they got well into it with the posing. Very impressive guys as I will certainly take back with me the poses to show off in Dartford haha.

After going to one bar on the seafront we then moved onto a club that has only recently opened. We were the only ones here I felt proper on it as we jumped around took photos and in all fairness I suppose we looked like tourists ha ha. We had it up and inside the club we felt wicked and lively but I think once we left and hit the fresh air outside we slowly deteriorated until we reached her parents house and just crashed out and went straight to sleep. As we left the club though there were bouncers there who appeared to want to get involved with the camera but after speaking to them it was clear they only wanted to get involved with my girl. Think the caveman approach is done though guys..

Next day we headed for Canterbury and I've never been shopping here before so it was good to venture somewhere new. Was a laugh and when me and my girl were walking around on our own she impressed with the way that she was able to glide across the floor backwards. I think even Michael Jackson would have nodded in appreciation had he seen this haha. In one of the stores in the doorway there were warning signs telling us to be careful of the wet floor. I used this as I sign to pretend I was nearly falling every time we passed through the shop. I thought it was comical anyway and was supportive of the moonwalking where was my support in mimicking the falling haha. I wanted to pick up some new braces but after hitting Topman I got the impression that I was looking more like a fashion disaster than a fashionista. There is a thin line I suppose and I clearly was on the opposing one haha.
After shopping for a few hours I headed home and although my phone ran out of battery and I felt rough I tried to firm it and go out for a couple of hours to see my friends. I think I scared people off though as I was pretending in my bag was my superhero costume and that I was a random. My sister arrived with her friends and I think I left them confused more than anything well a few of them weren't sure who I was anyway. One of her friends wanted me to go Venue but I told her that I had problems with my body and had to be hooked up to a dialysis machine. She in turn believed me and felt really guilty until jumping around with my sister I landed on her foot. Me and my friend headed across the road and here I wound up all the bar staff and the story I rolled off ended up being like an episode of Eastenders. After leaving here I jumped on a bus and had an affectionate moment with a pack of Chavs who were snarling at our bus. The generation of tomorrow, I just can't wait haha. Anyway finally got home and wish that I had stayed with my girl as after all my travelling I would have felt so much better laying next to her. Taxi............