Saturday, February 10, 2007

Do me

Stayed around my girls last night and although I don't recall what was on television we just got to drinking and talking about people we knew and our pasts. Amazingly one of her best friends is someone I worked with at Churchills a few years ago, it really is a small world. Today was just a case of will she, won't she as couldn't make up her mind about whether to get her hair cut. It didn't take place in the end so we just got to looking around Bromley for clothes and also somewhere to eat. Eventually settled down in one of the restaurants in the Glades and we had a laugh here as I was proving to be an annoyance with taking pictures of her eating and eventually a small food fight started. So small in fact that it only lasted a throw and then a return so I know I won haha.

We weren't out long as her childs father was coming around with his parents to see the baby. Our journey home didn't take too long, personally I'll be glad when she gets a new pushchair as the one at the moment is huge to carry up stairs haha. Just messing as I will be getting my act together and sorting myself out a car in the not too distant future. I felt like a stand up once we got off the train as some how all the things I had been coming out with all day I managed to piece together and we were well laughing out loud although I think one of us sounded like a seal hahaha. She commented on a part of my body so it was decided that I should have a picture of me putting my thang down, fliping it and reversing it. This could work easily indoors but she decided that a scenic picture would do more justice. It kind of worked even with cars and buses going past but eventually I got someone in their car sounding their horn at me for my posture. Oh yeah watch out J LO haha !!