Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What becomes of the broken hearted

Still not able to see my children, no point me even phoning their mother as she just creates and doesn't let me speak. Would like to even just hear their little voices but I feel I am being punished for moving on. Just wish that we could put our personal differences aside as I can't be bothered to be dragged into all this again. You would think it would get boring but who am I to be the responsible one about the whole situation as I am only a Joe.

Tomorrow is Valentines and come on although we don't need one day to tell the people we love how much they mean to us it's good to feel that you are appreciated. I know what it's like to feel like you're not involved so it's good to be told that you are wanted. I also personally think that Valentines should be all about the girls as they are the Queens in my opinion. I mentioned this at work today and some of the girls said to tell all the guys that so there's my little shout out haha. Fellas seriously though it's not about being a caveman so learn the words of the song above and sing it to your beau. Let me know how you get on x x