Sunday, February 25, 2007

League Cup dramas

I felt Chelsea at times today lacked creativity, looked for the long ball and seemed pedestrian a lot of the time but we still walk away from Cardiff the League Cup winners. The game itself was quality and the young pretenders set the tempo and it was on the cards that they would get the first goal as it was coming. It was a Michael Owen-esque goal from Theo Walcott and you could see the delight in the whole team. The boy who has a lot of potential clearly has a big future. Chelsea never do it the easy way and it seems this season that we have to concede first before we get into the game. Well if Theo Walcott is the new kid on the block it was down to Drogba who has been the man this season to hit the equaliser. There were shouts for offside but it was clearly onside and a well struck goal.
After the break Arsenal started well again and but Chelsea picked up and pressed but then the game took a twist as John Terry took a boot in the face and that was game over for him. I think it was not just a tense moment for Chelsea fans but England fans as well. JT is our leader and he is made of something else but seeing him hit the deck and the reaction from both teams I feared the worst. He was taken off and replaced by Mikel although it was the other substitute Robben who had the better influence on the game as he crossed to set up Drogba for the winner.

Game, set and match and as with the past I think Arsenal have real problems with losing. Just ask United fans as they've been on the receiving end. They play the beautiful game at times but there was nothing beautiful about their yob antics and I hope the authorities react as they do so quickly with Mourinho and Chelsea. All three players deserved to be sent off and I also believe Fabregas should have gone. The scenes were crazy with Wayne Bridge knocked to the floor and both managers on the pitch. I agree with the Sky pundits as Wenger so often misses what happens he must have seen something to walk out to the centre of the pitch. He was merely a spectator though as it was down to Mourinho to sort out the over reacting Fabregas. Disregarding that though and a great game, 'boring, boring Chelsea' read the papers tomorrow. Reading online just now and John Terry is one of a kind as he is supposedly already back with the team celebrating. One down, three more to go !!