Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The prodigal son and the predictable ending

Today is the day and my son has now turned four, I would have liked to have taken him out with me for the day but due to 'politics' at the moment it's a no-go. Anyway last night I was finally convinced that my eyebrows were OTT so I had them sculpted. Was I nervous about this, you know it but I think the reason I dropped my guard is due to having sympathy for someone falling up the stairs haha. It well hurt anyway but I must admit it looks a lot better than my Gallagher-esque look I had going previously. After that taking place the previous night could I be pampered more. The answer is yes and today I had my make up down with Bronzer and this is definitely the way forward as from looking patchy I looked Greek Adonis and you know I am not over exaggerating haha. Also had my hair done differently although I am not sure dear haha - sorry. Spoke to my boy to wish him Happy Birthday and I still don't think he grasps that I can't see what he is doing down the phone. Oh well though he sounded in good spirits so onwards to London...
Finally after all the steps of getting ready we headed for London and although our train stank at times we decided that to take our minds off of the stench by taking photos. As you do haha. Finally hit London and I was left scratching my head at what to get as the question is what do you get the boy who has practically everything. Well he doesn't have everything but knowing what will keep him entertained is tough as he has a short attention span, much like me. Anyway we hit Disney and also Selfridges and then took a time out for a pit stop haha. We did this in an internet cafe and it was funny checking MySpace there as you know when you have that under your belt you are most definitely sad haha. Anyway after a short stop we headed to Hamleys and the kid in us took over and we sooo lost track of time.
Eventually picked up something that I know would appeal to him as I have seen him on it with these toys a few times before. It's basically an adapted scalectrix but the cars have to pass through a battery powered engine which propels them around a track. With the mission succesful it was time to head home and boy what a mission it was to get there. To eventually reach my son I had to walk, bus, train and car and it took forever. Well wanted to make it to his party early as I knew it would annoy their mother but it's life that there can be delays and hold ups.

It was good to actually get there though and he was well chuffed with what I got him and so were his friends as they all got involved. The night ended on a sour note but when you are seperated it's always going to be difficult. I was thinking of telling her to drop him to mine for me to spend time with him earlier that day but I decided that I would brave the barrage I would get. He means more to me than petty arguments and plus I am done with all that now as wasn't it the reason we broke up that we argued. What's the excuse now as if you don't like me moving on then I'm sorry it was going to happen one day !!