Monday, February 12, 2007

Change the record

Grrrr I am so done with my children's mother, I wish she could channel her energy into something more creative as trying to bring me down all the time is wearing thin. I love the people she surrounds herself with as well because you all have very short memories. Anyway as you have probably seen from the last few posts there are no pictures of my children and that's because she has stoped me from seeing them. It always seems to tilt back to me giving her no money, me not doing enough what more do you want as I gave you everything I could and still try to now.

We broke up dear, the situation you are in you wanted so please stop telling me that I let my children down. I'm trying to make the best of a difficult situation as living at my parents it's not easy as I don't even have my own room. When I move into my place it will be a lot more stable but clinging to petty arguments and telling me that you have never loved me isn't even worth responding to. Whatever went on between us is over and there is no chance of a reconciliation but we created two innocent lives who need to be priority. Hopefully common sense will prevail but as is the norm when someone doesn't get their own way doesn't the world have to know about it !!