Thursday, February 08, 2007

How low can you go

Still on the sore subject and spoke to my childrens mother this morning and she called the children to the phone to say goodbye to me forever as I am never seeing them again. I think that's highly unlikely and also unneccessary as there is no need for them to be caught up in all of this. I'm not going to write too much about what went on but it wasn't nice for anyone who was there least of all the children and their friends.

Last night was a good night though, shame about the football but I was predicting a 3-0 loss so I think we did well to keep the deficit to a minimum. Didn't really watch it much as it was a downer game and just chilled with my girl and her daughter. We're always in the mood for dancing and last night was funny as her daughter has some new style of dancing that was well impressive. A kind of mix up between the New Zealand Haka and the Prodigy Firestarter. This is going to be the way forward by the summer so remember you read it here first.

Work up well early this morning and checked out the window and the weathermen are good you know as before our yes was snow and loads of it as well. Went back to bed for a while longer until the alarm drove us mental and then I got up and headed for work much earlier than usual in a view to getting there as was worried that I would end up missing haha. I find it well hard leaving in the mornings, not sure why that is though hmmm.

Made it to work in good time and had another exceptional day haha, even managed to find another car like before near my work. The photo opportunity was there for the taking and I obliged politely haha. Was planning on going shopping tonight with the whole team but we have all blown out as it would be like trying to get to Siberia on black ice the way the weather is so just at my house now plotting to take over the world haha. All I need now is a cat on my lap that I can stroke, shields up ;)