Saturday, February 03, 2007

Here we are now, entertain us

Bo so didn't end up in Bromley last night but went to a Zizzi's in Chiselhurst instead. Also got to meet a couple that my girl knows for the first time and although I don't usually get nervous about meeting people I must admit I was. Not from my part but I wanted to come across well for her sake. I think it was going well until I walked into some glass haha. Well it wasn't too major as I was lifting the push chair into the restaurant and walked into it backwards. I know how to make an entrance I suppose. The meal went well and after we went back to hers for some drinks. Loving YouTube at the moment, even more so than usual as it's like our request jukebox as we were on it with searching for songs to listen to. This next one is definitely a tune...

Got my children today and we have just been rocking out to the above song and also to quite a few others including the standard for my daughter at the moment - High School Musical. Should be off out tonight with my girl, everything seems a whole lot busier now and I just hope that the situation with the house starts moving along quicker as want to start having my children through the week. Whatever happens though I am still a Joe and living in the future haha !!