Friday, February 02, 2007

What is my destination ?!?!

Just had a discussion at work about holidays, I personally would like to see some symbolic places. Like Egypt for example because that's a given when it comes to a destination with statues and history. A lot closer to home and probably not expected is the Tin Man or as I have been informed it's called the Angel of the North in Newcastle. I well want to see that even though it's not really very scenic, so I am told. Also in another part of the world completely is the statue of Jesus Christ or Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. These are all good in my opinion but in a lot of ways they are lonely and on their own. That's why my next destination choice and by far the most interesting is the Easter Island in Chile. It's like an Island full of Mr Potato Heads and judging by some of the pictures it looks very random indeed.

Another mad place to go which my friend at work reminded me about is the Palm Islands now these are impressive. They are man made and the design of the World Island is amazing. Reading some of the facts from the site and if all the materials used to build one Palm island were placed end to end, a wall two meters high and half a metre thick could circle the world three times. That's a bold fact and I would love to know who pays the people who come up with them to work that out haha.

Anyway on to now, my destination tonight is not Dartford as it usually is on a Friday but tonight I will be heading for Bromley with my girl and some of her friends. Looking forward to it and will rest my dancing shoes for this week, or will I as who needs a club to dance haha - Watch out Bromley !!