Sunday, February 04, 2007

For the love you bring wont mean a thing unless you sing

For the love you bring wont mean a thing unless you sing, sing, sing, sing

Whatever happened to Travis as they were a quality, also whatever happened to the easy life as I know what I want at the moment but seems to be a lot going on. In all aspects of my life as well so grabbing a few examples I have my love life, work and also my home. At the moment the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle don't seem to fit. So there's no easy route to getting into the house as 'sharks' are making it effort due to them all wanting a slice of the pie. Then I have work and although I have all my friends there and building up a decent career I really feel like Canary Wharf is the way. Kind of like I suppose all footballers want to play for the biggest club well then working there is my Premiership or my Primera Liga haha.

Finally with any relationship I have it's always tough because of the past. This is where living in the future comes into it's own as the reason you are an ex is because it didn't work out and it just wasn't meant to be. Whatever feelings are harboured or idealistic views are had it's about letting go. Bringing it back to what I wrote a few months back about when does the relationship end if you stay in contact with the person. Well it doesn't as you are very much a part of each other even more so with children involved. Time does heal but it won't fix what went wrong as the flaws or personality clashes will surface again most definitely.

At the moment I have a lot of perspective so much in fact that I can relate to a situation with every single person that has influenced my life. Quite a statement I know and it's not an over statement as well because it's fact. You may think this is a burden or that my line of thought is going to be swayed or become divergent in that what I want won't be what I get. A lot of the people in my perspective are my peers, people who have made me a Joe. So you could say that maybe I am looking too much into everything. I wouldn't say that but if asked if I thought I was ready, I would reply by saying I was born ready...

Didn't really do anything last night as just stayed in with my children for the night. I was going to meet my girl up Bromley but it would have taken ages for me to get there and plus my daughter was on it for me to lay next to her and sleep. Played some random game for a while with them which was well funny at one point as my son was whiping my daughter with one of my mums bras. It's a you-had-to-be-there story that is not worth going into here but I will leave it to your imagination haha.

So onto Chelsea and we have closed the gap to three points on Man Utd down at the Valley beating Charlton with a Frank Lampard goal 1-0. Man Utd can open that gap up again today and strangely I am in a situation where before I was a West Ham fan and more recently an Arsenal fan. Lets hope that there is a trend coming together and that's come on London haha.