Thursday, February 01, 2007

What is a spudger ???

A start of another month begins, sorry for the lack of an update yesterday. Ended up going around to see my girl (whatever-shes-cool-with-it-the-cool-kid-on-block haha) last night and as she hasn't been feeling too good I decided that I would cook for her. Now I don't really get much time to step into the kitchen to prepare food other than just random things I make so trying to decide what to eat was a challenge. Thankfully Spaghetti Bolognaise seemed like the good choice so at lunch yesterday I headed to Somerfield and with the help of some friends at work (that makes me sound useless) I picked up some bits ready to cook. edit - just had a well random conversation about this on the phone (00:14) and writing something in the food with spaghetti - this did not happen but this is where the title comes from haha.

Was kind of nervous how this would turn out to be honest as didn't want to make her feel worse so well took my time. I think it turned out alright so high five, or if you are alone like me I suppose just clap your hands together haha. Well enjoyed the night in her company and we sooooo hit if off over random things. We messed about with her new Laptop for ages just taking pictures using different colour designs, you know we are geeks haha.

Played with her baby daughter as well and she is gorgeous and always laughing, I got to hear her first word as well which was quality. I don't think that my girl (whatever-shes-cool-with-it-the-cool-kid-on-block) believed it but I was in the kitchen and came in to as I knew what I heard. Met one of her friends who was in the area and although I had met him before I don't recall what was said and luckily he couldn't too much either. I think the majority of the conversation was about Bloc Party and the cap he was wearing - as you do I suppose when you have had a few drinks haha.

The journey to work was long, took me ages to get in and it was kind of inevitable That I would be late seeing as how I was really the only person in my technical department other than the new starter. The day passed quite quickly and my weekend plans seem to be sorted other than the reaction of my childrens mother over my situation. I don't want to hurt her in anyway with what is going on with me but I would support her in anything she did and anyone she got with regardless of what I thought of them.

Got to see my children tonight and I can't wait to get my own place for them to come and stay as I hate leaving them. Had fun through the time I spent with them as their mum went out so I got on it with the Nintendo Wii and also dancing to some music with my boy whilst playing trains. Who says guys can't multitask because we know otherwise. As the day draws to a close me and the-cool-kid-on-the-block got on it with the webcams and I got stormed by half my family wanting to get in on the act. Off to bed now anyway honeys x