Saturday, February 17, 2007

Another quiet night out !!

Tonight I'm gonna have myself a real good time... Last night is a little vague as can't remember everything but then when do I at the weekend. Night started in Dartford although due to a power cut at work it started a lot earlier for me although coming home to shower and have something to eat to the shine off of my charging start to the weekend a little...
Not that much though as soon got to mixing drinks and mixing it up on the dancefloor. My sister was out last night but I only saw her briefly as a few of her mates came up to me screaming that they recognised me as her brother. Startle me a little as I was just like 'Hey...' and then my sister came jumping over and we all super sweet sixteen'd it up jumping and then moved along haha.

As you can tell by my pictures that as the night went on I lost more of my clothing, glad that wasn't the case at work earlier as it would have been an eerie thought me walking about in those knickers haha. It was down to my friend who was on it and by the end of the night if she were wearing anything else she would have looked like a cross between a fashionista and a terrorist haha..
Good thing about last night though is that we were prepared and had a cab waiting to take us home, see we are learning... slowly but surely. I was out of the game by this point and when I got home I just ate some salad and crashed out. My sister said she tried to wake me when she got in but I was calling one of my mates in my sleep so she left me. That does sound a little disturbing though so I am glad I don't remember any of my dreams !!