Tuesday, February 20, 2007

We got burnered and I sneekered

Damn, I haven't had a sunbed in sooo long but yesterday I was under the influence, there's a whole lot of the blame finger there and you know who it's pointing at haha. I didn't have too many minutes though as I was worried that I would end up looking like the Red Power Ranger so settled for six where my girl was on it for forty minutes. Just pretending there as that would have hurt, she had fifteen minutes and I think she was feeling the affects of that. Hope that you are feeling better now dear !! We shopped, wined, dined and then the wine hit us like sleeping potion so we just drifted.

I am feeling good at the moment can't provide a good enough perspective concept so just believe me when I say that it's good. Work is alright at the moment but I want so much more and seems to be that everything is going wrong with our product and plus with Vista being like Fort Knox and customers being totally misunderstanding and even less computer literate it's good fun. Thankfully after two years at the company I have a good understanding of processes and how everything runs so I am Bob the Builder - Can I fix it... er.. I think... GOOGLE !! Google is my saviour a lot of the time and I love hearing customers in awe at remote access and my vast array of skills, how little they know. Tonight not seeing my girl or my children either so I have returned to home and just watching the football and probably going to get involved with a game I just received from Microsoft. I wonder what it could be, not going to write about it until tomorrow to keep people intrigued...