Saturday, March 31, 2007

Snakes and Ladders

It has been 650 days since my children's mother and I separated. I used a date calculator before you question why I have not started to move on with my life. It has been a long time, but things have not improved that much, as she doesn't seem capable of being amicable. Today was the same old story, leaving everyone to pick up the pieces which is very frustrating. 

Here's the scenario I want played by actors - 

'Hey there, just ringing to see what the plan is with the children pal' 
'Oh hello there, what time do you need me to have them mate' 
'As soon as possible if that's okay friend' 
'I can be there in X minutes dude' 
'Excellent friend, any sooner would be appreciated' 
'Wicked dear !!'

Okay so the actors sound fake, at least it's a fair conversation though and direct. Anyway the above is boring but I have to vent. I'm still no further with the car plans but I am hopeful something will materialise soon. Been looking in Auto Trader although there always seems to be something wrong with the cars I pick out. The plan for me is to get a cheap run around and get my girl passed as well so that she can get about. Then down the line get a decent vehicle which is more reasonable. 

I'm always thinking at the moment and looking to push myself which really makes me feel alive. Never have I had so much of an outlook as I do now, I am regretting not doing the Art course I got into in college a few years ago. Seeing my girl create her work is really inspiring and I would love to have her vision but alas I think I have lost what talent I was told I had as not done anything in a long time. Give me another roll of the dice and I know what numbers I would like to come up.