Friday, August 31, 2007


Well Big Brother finished this evening and that's that! I was surprised that Brian won as the papers were on it with bet forecasts and it seemed to be really leaning toward the twins winning. Whether that's just the newspapers I read trying to sway public opinion. Teaches me for believing everything I read, surely it's true if it's on the Internet though hey? September 11th fake? America didn't really land on the moon? Elvis is still alive? Anyway the toilet broke last night and trying to work the lever it appears that it's well out of action now. Where using a bowl at the moment to flush the toilet, what fun! I love as it splashes up at me as I hit it at a wrong angle. It's like being at a Theme Park going down the log flume haha! Anyway got a fella coming around to sort it tomorrow.

Not sure if I will see my children this weekend, I swear at least once a month we have a conflict week. Wonder why that is, could it be their mother is a Werewolf. She's definitely something I give her that as after getting my children some school clothing last week, this week they are needing a load more. So plimsolls, trainers, coats, an encyclopedia, quill, calligraphy set, laptops. Breeeeeze! I wouldn't mind but I'm on a bit of a budget at the moment so she should mind her own finances before getting on my back!! London's calling tomorrow, so once the plumbers been where going to answer that call!