Thursday, October 04, 2007

Am I there yet

Counting down the days until holiday now, well not ready and I am sure that there will be the mad rush on the day before we go. Wouldn't have it any other way though as it's all about the last minute action. Left getting my haircut until the last minute as well as I am trying to grow it. It's slowly getting to how I want it but it's taking longer than I had hoped. Headed over Bluewater after work for the cut and sat down with my usual hairdresser, I do well rate him as although it costs a fair amount of money. He does cut it well, he's a Chelsea fan and a good laugh as well. So we mainly talk about the state of the Chelsea team and other random stories. It seems like a good vibe there in the studio and he comes across as a good boss.
Got to thinking tonight about things I have done and what I would like to do in future. I've been through a lot although some things I am not proud of that have happened. You could say that already I have been through a divorce so getting married would be the way forward. My girls been there before as she was close to walking down the aisle before. Now I only plan on getting married the once but what I would like to do is slip off the map and be the person that responds to the proclamation asking if anyone knows of a reason why the couple should not wed, but "Speak now . . . ". I want to burst through the back of the church to take her and say that yes I am the person. The stuff of dreams hey...