Friday, October 19, 2007


Today was good to me, finally finished some of the tasks set at work but where I have put together the data well more opportunities have been offered to me. Anyway after work as if holidaying wasn't enough we got some sunshine in a tin and had a sunbed. I went and picked up my children and then headed over to my girls house. Was just relaxing watching television and 'boom' a loud bang hits the window. Quickly I put some clothes on and then ran out into the street. There could have been tumble weeds blowing passed as the streets were empty. Checking the window and we have egg people!! I expect it's the kids from the other day thinking they are getting us back by throwing an egg at the window. I think children around the streets lack respect as I already made them aware that we have children. I was well angry, got together some gardening tools and propped them up against the front door. Much to the dismay of my girl. Oh well!! I can see this getting messy!