Sunday, October 07, 2007

It's all about the last minute

I like the weekends and helping my children doing their homework, it's great watching their minds working and having a direct input. My daughter is doing great and I am really impressed with the improvements my boy is making now. My daughter only just told me about her task she was set for the weekend. She has brought Jerry the Giraffe home to spend the weekend with her and for her to write in his diary. This task has been taken by a few of the other children before and it gets passed on weekly. Very clever I think and it was fun reading over what had been done before.

We were having an easy one this weekend so it was a little annoying that we weren't adventuring but needless to say I added some value to the book. Namely that the Giraffe had watched the Formula One with me and how disappointed it was. I mean I was disappointed how could he not be. Mclaren made a big mistake keeping Lewis out an extra lap and it could be so costly that him coming off in the pitt straight may be his grip on the title slipping from him. A tense finale in store in a fortnight I am expecting!!

Well I would love to stay and chat but I have places to go people to see and packing to start...