Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lazy Day

Today was a lazy one as it was really hot and decided that I would just crash out by the pool and catch the sun. Was funny as where I was laying on my girl for a while I left my ear mark on her chest haha.

Even though I was lazing about I could resist the lure of Pistol shooting, I had already tried Archery earlier in the week so wanted to taste a piece of this pie and I came with support as well as I had the family come with me. Whilst waiting for my turn I jumped about in the sand on the volleyball court trying to teach the baby how to do a hand stand. it went alright although won't be signing her up to any gymnasiums just yet nor will I be signing up.

I did alright with the shooting and finished I think fourth which I was impressed with as there were some who were good and I think they have fired a gun before. Anyway onto the food and I am well going to miss it when we finally come home as I have well enjoyed eating what's been on offer. I could list loads of different dishes, meats and new treats I have sampled but I think the main thing that has stood out for me and my girl has been the chocolate ice cream. Think we will have to empty the freezer when we get home and stock up on this delight although I doubt it will taste as good!!