Saturday, October 20, 2007

From the park to Streetfighter 2

Today we headed to Bromley to go shopping and after hitting a few shops we headed to the park. Not much to go on but the slides are a tonne of fun, I couldn't resist going down them with my boy but was stunned to see a couple dropping their young daughter down, the baby must have only been a few months old and if it had gone wrong it would have been nasty. Anyway after counting our 5000 squirrel we headed home and at the top of the road I noticed one of the boys causing us problems. I didn't know whether to confront him but decided that it had to be done. He was the typical arrogant yob with no regard for anyone but his own growling attitude. He couldn't see reason at all so I decided to take a photo of him for the police. Wrong move as he grabbed my phone, I gave him a count of five and reached for my phone to which he threw it into the road. This left me fuming and lets just say the scuffle afterwards was not planned as he is a kid and he finished off looking worse off. The police were called and the procedure was followed but I'm still left with no confidence that anything will come of it. Kids aren't bothered by the law or the courts anymore and this is just an example of our society going wrong. I just hope my kids don't end up spiraling down this path!!