Saturday, October 06, 2007

Whatever next

Okay so today we are heading into the final straight of getting ready, as I weren't seeing my children until the evening I figured I would get stuck into this holiday malarky. With the babies father coming round and his brother I was to hide the car and lock myself away in the tower. Well something along those lines anyway as I holed up in the bedroom and watched the qualifying for the Formula One and got to work on the ironing. I was in a zone baby, working my way through and flattening those creases. I felt nigh on invincible, happily watching Lewis get pole and hanging my finished clothes on the curtain rail.

Oh how I should have expected the inevitable after I had a cup of tea brought to me... And once they had left it finally took place, it was like watching the game of Mouse Trap... The curtain broke off the wall.. Hit the cup of tea on the way past... Clothes hit the floor... Tea splashed across them all!! I was so pleased! Happiest I have been all year! Tranquility, yes, yes.. Profanity never haha! It was funny though and the highlight of the day haha!! Anyway fast forward a few house cleaning and washing of tea stained clothes hours and my children were dropped off to me. This was to be the first time I came face to face with their mothers fella, okay I was bitter from before over him opening his mouth to me but this was different. My children were there and although we nodded I still had to acknowledge him once they told me who he was. Let's see if she will now acknowledge my partner as it's not that far off a year we've been together as the year is rapidly coming to a close. Anyway one day and counting now and please someone explain to me what all this is about...