Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Numbers up

Feel well drained at the moment, the typical cliche coming back from holiday and needing another one. Missed my children a lot and next time I am definitely going to take them away with me. Not sure where yet as well liked Lanzarote, there's also the theme park holiday and possibly Centre Parks. Many choices to be made from now until then though! Just trying to get up to date with my holiday photos and it's taking a while to update but it's coming. Wish there was a better way to upload here as five at a time does take a while. Especially as it seems to crash a lot lately during the uploading.

Anyway back to work today and although it was good to be back I am not feeling in the game. Got a new starter and he seems to have fitted in well, seems a laugh as well so should be able to have some good times with him. Finally I got my new phone today, after 8000 photos on my K800i I am sure that this new phone the K850i will get some usage over the next year!!