Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wishing we had a babysitter!!

Today we headed over to Bluewater, my children were staying with their mum for the day so we headed for a look about. We went to look for Halloween stuff for Wednesday and also for our friends who were going to a Halloween party that night. We managed to find a few bits but it wasn't until we ventured into Disney Store that it all came together. We got the baby a wicked Minnie costume and our friend got a High School Musical costume. The High School Musical costume was for an 11 year old but she was sure it would fit.

Baby looked wicked in her costume, and she moved around like a proper little poser. We couldn't get a babysitter so we decided we would just crash out and watch a movie. We later had a knock at the door and it was our friends in fancy dress ready for their night out. We were well jealous as wanted to get involved especially as we were having a proper laugh. My girl was considering going as a zombie in her pj's, I wanted to go as an Egyptian Mummy and we could have taken the baby and pretended she was an adult in fancy dress as a one year old. Some how though I don't think they would have believed it haha!!