Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We be burning

Woke up this morning with the temptation to peel off my blisters but was told in a very firm voice that doing so was not the thing to do. Maybe I would have leaked out and evaporated, I will never know. We rushed through breakfast and soon were off out around the pool. I was well feeling the games and my girl was well feeling the sun so after a quick stop at the pool bar we parted for me to try and claim more scalps!!

I was well feeling competitive this morning and was looking to participate in a couple of the events at least. Started with darts, had to get higher than the person that went before me! Okay well it went alright but still my outcome was... in the Pool!! Didn't fair well in the next activity either which was Waterpolo although there was a small amount of unfair play but wouldn't want it any other way as it kept us in the hunt as well. The entertainment representatives were bang on and made the events really addictive...

So after lunch it was back in the frame of winning as I was able to pull of a winning spree, firstly my team were the leaders at bowls. That's right French Bowls, you throw three big balls at a little ball and we had the ingredients to perfect this and collect the win. Finally we won Volleyball and convincingly as well because we destroyed the other team. All in all a good days turn around, a couple more and I will be walking away with a gold medal!!

I'd had a few to drink by the end of the evening and was looking worst for wear, didn't want to be making a bad impression on my girls family so decided from this point on to step off the pace. Collected my certificates after dinner and my girl just can't get enough of me hahaha!!