Thursday, October 11, 2007

The one with the Pinky

With three certificates to my name I felt on a roll with the activities, today though instead of jumping straight back into it we left the hotel for a walk. Firstly we had breakfast and then headed onwards to see what was available, we may be in another country but if there are shops then we're going to see what's available. This would be the first time I would see the beaches and it's like a Luna landscape as there are a lot of rocks, Lanzarote is a volcanic Island. I was well keen to get on it and walk on the rocks but my girl changed my decision and considering how inury prone I am it was for the best.

The landscape is only really spoilt by a water cleaning plant that is really ugly but other than that it's well peaceful. We stopped at a cafe and then moved on to the local town to have a look around. Convinced we would be able to pick up a bus back to the hotel we ended up lost and having to guess our way back to the hotel. We made good progress and eventually with my tattoos like a distress signal we were picked up by one of the hotel workers who recognised us and gave us a lift. Sweet!!

Had a relaxing afternoon, stepped up to some more activities but was really crushed in Ping Pong and felt like my confidence had got the better of me. Oh well there is always tomorrow I guess haha. We cleaned up and headed to the bar area and being full of energy and with some time to kill me and my girl headed out to see what we could get into. Making use of being all inclusive we were knocking back the cocktails, I personally had become attached to one called a Pinky. I drank a few of them as well and strongly recommended them to my girl before reading the menu again and realising that they were non alcoholic. What made it worse is that when I requested one from a waiter earlier he was in disbelief so the shame haha.
At this point games mode took over again and I tried to teach my girl how to play Chess, luckily for me she had no idea so she was easy prey. We checked out some paintings and then headed back to the bar area to join forces with the rest of the team so that we could have a go at the Quiz. We did alright and anything we didn't know we Google'd on my phone haha! Needless to say we won but so did another couple so it was down to a final question on ages. Being what were the combined ages of the reps. SCORE!!! We were winners and walked off with a T Shirt, Phone holders and keyrings. We are seriously on a roll!!