Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Let the games begin

And we're off and the first full day at the hotel and we were up late and missed breakfast. Luckily we brought Weetabix for the baby, we had to make do with bar food though which wasn't too bad. The hotel being all inclusive meant we didn't have to pay, I am looking to make full use of this with the drinks don't you worry. Another perk is that four times a day the hotel runs an entertainment activity, going to get well into these! First stop was Killer Pool and I weren't so good and ended up in the Pool as a forfeit.
Followed this up with Crazy Golf which I did alright on and came close to the top scorers. My girls mum was the top scoring girl in this activity so should would be receiving a certificate that evening as well as the one she was getting for an earlier event which I believe to be shooting. Gutted to have missed out on that but not to be outdone, and representing the boys I hit back with winning the football event. First game finished 1-0 due to a sublime goal from myself, second match was a bit of an outclass as we hit 6. I paid the price though as hard court football tore my feet up and I had huge blisters. So far my feet had proper been in the wars but at least I finished the day as a winner!!
After crashing out around the Pool for a bit and enjoying Batida de Coco and Pineapple, I love this drink and any mocking comments coming my way are going to be placed in my back comment and sat on. Shots out here are wicked, I am going to enjoy having a drink over the next week. Anyway losing track we headed back to the hotel room where me and the baby had a shave and then we all got our makeup on!!
After finishing dinner and getting the chocolate off of our noses we headed to the main bar area. It was rocking and we were to rock it more as we were up on the stage collecting our certificates to the beat of the Eye of the Tiger. It was very fulfilling, and I want this feeling many more times this holiday haha. After having a brief dance on stage and a few cocktails we headed off to be, my girl clutching my certificate with pride!!