Wednesday, October 24, 2007

D is for Daddy

Be glad when next week arrives as at least I will be finishing earlier, that half hour swing will make a lot of difference. Instead of the mad rush home, pick up the car, drive to my parents, have something to eat and then take children to their mum's before heading to my girls it should be easier. I doubt though as I will still be rushing about. Fast forward to Wednesday club today and after picking the car up I headed to my parents and was greeted with cheers from my children. They were both playing in the back room, figured I would try and get my boy writing and wrote down his name. Was impressed that he actually got into it as well and what he wrote was very close. Next up was trying to get him to write Daddy and he came through again. It's taken a while but he is getting there and hopefully all the energy he has will be dispensed into learning. Wishful thinking!! My daughter is getting on really well and I am sure that she could teach me a thing or two already! After the evening at my parents I dropped the children home and burst in to the surprise of my girl who for some reason wasn't expecting to see me!!