Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick, Treat or just bad eggs

So finally our Halloween night took place and it was eventful, think the end result was wicked as all the children looked quality. I finished early again as baby had her injection, she won't be having another until she is four which is good news. After picking up the children we got our costumes on and headed out into the night. I had a cape but didn't look scary at all, instead I looked more like David Bowie haha! Was well funny! Took the children a while to get into the flow of knocking on peoples doors. They soon got the hang of it though and the baby nearly ended up heading into a few houses. Night went well but then the mood twisted once the kids got more tunnel visioned with getting sweets so we headed home. Then the mood took another twist as we bumped into the local yobs who vented their usual. We weren't having none of it but then one of the friends of the group stepped in and did the respectable thing and apologised. We thought this was a good thing until we got home and found that an egg had been thrown at one of the windows. Three guesses who hey?!?! Oh well let the cowards have their moment, with fireworks night approaching I'll tie them all to a rocket haha!!