Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The optimist or the pessimist!

Ah so tonight I witness a Chelsea side expected to lose overcome the odds and come away from Valencia with three much needed points. After a 2-1 victory we now top the group and look to be drawing a line under recent event and moving forward. Or will there be further setbacks, it's difficult to predict with Chelsea as this is going to be an eventful season. It has so far and I am sure there will be more twists and turns. My children's mother's manager is ill at the moment so I got to see my children for a few hours which was good.

Felt for them at the end of it though as they were knackered. Trying to get my son to understand my teachings in the naughty wall, I'll get there in the end!! Not seeing my girl this week has been frustrating I miss her next to me at night. Work was good today, I'm just feeling a bit jaded at the moment. Can't pinpoint it but I feel like this posting is in reverse. Starting at the end of my day and going backwards, I could bring up my waking thoughts, my first memory of the morning. Instead I'll provide a kind of bad memory. Going through photo's at my mums, check out my bad hair day in the below photo. I'm going to stand by the fact that it is a wig, honestly haha!!