Monday, October 08, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane...

Well after the early start that didn't look like getting off the ground it was lift off at Gatwick, destination Lanzarote! Was a good flight although a little cramped, well at 6ft2 I don't think that I will ever have too much room in the air. We arrived on time and breezed through customs and were soon in a taxi to the hotel. Lanzarote has a great landscape and you can see for miles due to the lack of large buildings and skyscrapers. Wasn't long before we pulled in at the hotel and checked in, rooms weren't ready but we put our bags in the lock up and headed to get some sun and drinks.

We were soon in our hotels and with the day drawing on it was time for dinner so we got ready, leaving the unpacking until the following day and headed out.

After dinner we headed on to check out the entertainment, on the way there I bashed up my foot and boy did it bleed. Got the photo of the exact point where I yelled out in pain although I look like I am auditioning for a Ricola commercial haha!

The night ended after we had introduced ourselves to the cocktails, but after a hectic day of travelling we wanted to grab some sleep and get ready for the week ahead!!