Friday, October 12, 2007

Going for Gold

The days are going by quite quickly and already we'll be starting to pack stuff away that we aren't going to be using. Other than the games today was all about the pool, only time really I have been in the pool is when I've lost on a game so it was a change to go in there for a reasonable time with my girl.

Downside to the water activity though is my hair just breaks free and if it wasn't attached to my head then I think it would make a run for it haha. After messing about with my girl I slipped off to sort out the barnet and then meet up with them for dinner.

The afternoon was a scorcher and even though my feet were blistered from the football game earlier in the week I wasn't going to turn down more of the same. We were pushed closely but we pulled through and for the second time that week I had qualified for a football certificate. One more and I would be getting a gold medal and that didn't take long to acquire as next up was waterpolo and back of the net. Winning again, I thought I was on a roll but one guy had just got his ninth haha!!

Evening was a lot of fun but sadly my gold medal was not on the agenda, still though anymore certificates and I could decorate one of the walls back home haha!!