Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What to do next summer?!?!

Don't even mention the football result, in fact don't even wispa it haha! Excuse the pun, Justin Timberlake brought sexy back and Cadbury's have brought the Wispa back. I got one for my girl but ended up eating it myself, sorry babe! She ate some of the other chocolate in the house instead and was content with that. Wednesday club has been rolled on as we aren't feeling too good. I was considering coming home from work today but carried on and felt better as the day went on. Working on an induction project at work and it's alright, a break to what I am used to and gives me something else to put my name to for bonus. As football was kicking off at 4pm I streamed the radio broadcast over the Internet and wish I hadn't. Rooney went from a hero to a zero with his foul. It wasn't a penalty but whatever him tracking back that far and over committing was suicide. Effectively rules us out of the Euro's next year, not like Russia are going to slip up in their final two games. Oh well at least we have the Rugby and Formula 1 finale this weekend, as a rule of averages we've got to pull through with one sport. Come on Team England!!