Monday, October 15, 2007

Views from space

Today was the day we headed home, just when we were getting into everything as well which was annoying. We woke late and finished some last minute packing before heading down to catch the cabs and head to the Airport. Journey was quick and so was going through customs, see some couple get pulled up for trying to steal a rock that I thought was quite funny. Don't think they saw the joke though. We were on the Plane in quick time and soon in the air looking down on the Islands below. Was impressive and a shame to be heading back to the grey skies of the UK.

It was not a good homecoming though as once I reached my car I was informed by not one but three parking tickets that I had been illegally parked. Then there was the small matter of the local yobs around our area thinking it funny to throw apples at the windows. I headed out to confront them and tell them that they were bang out of order as we had a baby sleeping. Instead of apologising I got a tonne of abuse and told that they would return to break my windows, smash up my car and blade me. Only in England hey!!