Sunday, October 28, 2007

Meteor shower

I realised that this morning when I ventured into the garden to pile all the leaves up at the back. There is a tree that hangs over the back fence and it's like a meteor shower the amount of leaves coming down at the moment. Anyway I raked them all up and then hid in them before performing a staged Halloween attack. Which reminds me I should upload that here later haha. Anyway after the early morning children juggling we headed to my mums for dinner. My boy must thing he is so strong as he was trying to use the rowing machine. He managed to work it but looked well funny. Had dinner at my mums and watched the Arsenal vs Liverpool game and Arsenal look like the team this year. Whoever finishes above them will win the league I think. I'll finish on the fact we got the dog a Halloween costume, whatever next hey hahaha !!