Sunday, December 02, 2007

Early spirits!

After yesterday's adventures we were still in shopping mood and plus with it being my brothers birthday we had to get him something anyway. Browsed about for a while and checked out Boots to see if we could take advantage of anymore 3 for 2's but nothing stood out. After a few laps we had a drink in TGI's and then finished our shop before getting caught in the traffic on the way to my mums.
As usual arriving before my brother but unlike most occasions he wasn't the last to arrive this time instead that was left to my other brother who was dropping home his girl. Birthday went well though although for my brothers friend who's a Spurs fan he wasn't appreciating the result. On the subject of football Chelsea are now up to second even if that is only going to last until tomorrow when United play. Still though doing a lot better! So is the boy as well as he didn't seem so on it while I saw him today although only having him a few hours it wasn't like he had a chance. Checking my post today and full of rage as my parking tickets have doubled, not good especially as they said they would contact me in writing beforehand. Oh well bit of excitement to sort out Monday morning!!