Thursday, December 13, 2007

Walking in a Wonderland

Today was the turn of my daughter to show her acting skills at her school play, their mother wasn't attending the play so my girl and baby came with me. And after a half day at work, drama filling up the tank and getting caught in traffic we arrived to see my daughter beaming with pride that we were there. Felt bad with the late arrival but she was so happy we were there. The play went really well but afterwards I was left with a tricky moment! I had forgotten the names of some of the parents there and had to do the bad thing and not introduce my girl to them. Flimsy excuse but trust me I felt sooo bad you couldn't even put it on a scale.
After the play we hung about and then headed over to Thurrock to have a look around and pick up a jumper for me as H&M had a nice choice on display in the newspaper.Picked up a few other bits and then after a round trip stopping at my parents briefly we are now touching down at home to relax. Our newly exterior decorated house may I add as last night I put up the light outside finally as my brother dropped the ladders around. Christmas is even closer now haha!!

Finally here is a clip from my daughters play...