Friday, December 28, 2007

Wishing my car was Bumblebee!

My sister and her boyfriend came over tonight, with them they brought my children as their mum is going to Amsterdam for a few days. Not sure what's good over there this time of year as I didn't think it was renowned for being tropical or having beautiful beaches. We got to playing and opening the majority of toys trying to keep them all occupied. Think that me providing them with Coca Cola was not a good idea as they were on one. My boy and baby are a bit under the weather at the moment as neither are full of beans. After food we watched Transformers which Santa got us for Christmas. Movie went down really well and the special effects look quality. After the movie I checked out what's next on the agenda from Michael Bay and was pleased to see that there is a Transformers sequel in the works. I will definitely catch that in theatres when it launches. I also came across the above movie and this also looks full of promise. After the movie we drew pictures of each other and lets just say there were a few glancing looks doing the rounds hahaha x