Friday, December 21, 2007


Forgot to mention about the Secret Santa gifts yesterday, mine went down well. One of them especially, which was a Ping Pong ball set featuring the full set. Sitting on the phones today took on a whole new dimension. My friend seemed a lot more controlled than me as he was able to hold his rally, I on the other hand kept hitting the ball at people. Purely accidental of course!! Well it weren't all about the Ping Pong as I had a few things that I had to resolve and tie up. Also had to run an errand for my floor manager which was to accompany him to the store to pick up some drink! Last day at work was eventful haha!

I didn't hang about to long after work as I had one drink and then headed over to pick up the kids from their mother and then returned to crash out with my girl. Just got everything settled now and looking forward to eleven days off of work relaxing with the family. Got my mums annual party tomorrow night so will be a long day tomorrow!!