Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Not so secret Santa!!

Got my department Secret Santa today, last week we had the company one and what I purchased will not grace these pages. This time around it's someone in my team and on my table so where we have gadgets and games laying around I figured that this would be what I would focus on. Think that it will be well received although will have to wait until tomorrow to see how it goes down. Westwood style I am hoping haha!

Tonight my half of Wednesday Club did not take place as no one was at my parents to look after the children while I travelled home from work so instead I headed over to the Pink Panther's!! Private joke for a private eye! Anyway we have just finished watching Superbad and what a funny movie as there are some real laugh out loud moments that take place. The police make the movie I think and the guys fake identification referring to him as McLovin is classic!! The night they have reminds me of things that used to go wrong last year, so glad that I am settled now!!