Wednesday, December 26, 2007

To the shops to catch a cold

After all the present opening the day before my girl still had one thing on her mind, and that was to get more gifts in the Sales. We headed over to Canterbury to have a look around but I found it to be low key as a lot of the shops weren't open. Managed to get the girls a few items and my girl picked up some essentials before we headed back to her parents house to pick up baby. On arriving I heard the news that Chelsea had drawn 4-4 with Aston Villa, was not great news, maybe scoring four is good but conceeding four is not and clearly we have serious problems down at the bridge. Now along with the injuries we have two suspensions due to sending offs and I think it's good bye to being 07/08 Premiership Champions. Anyway after picking up baby we headed to my mum's for dinner and more presents and then at home now after watching the Chelsea match I am crying. Trying to peel the tattoo from my lip and shaking my head at my Mourinho book. Goodnight world!!