Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Possibly more stops than Santa!

So months of planning and here we are, even though we were two family members down the day started well, but later than I had hoped. I woke up the kids by turning on the light and they were down stairs like a shot. 'Santa's been, Santa's been' was what got me moving. Spoke to my girl and they had been up ages which I knew meant I had to get a shift on! And that I did as after opening presents and playing with some toys we moved on to destination two which was my family and feeling under it already after all the rushing about my mum settled me with a coffee.
My brother is gradually building his control centre and with a High Def Television and games chair it clearly proves go to your room is no longer a punishment haha! Anyway after rocking out here and spending some time with my family I headed off to the next destination which was the kids Grandparents to meet up with their mother and then after a quick stop at my mum's I headed off to the final destination feeling a bit like Santa which was to see my girl...

There was a brief hold up on the motorway as there was a Jam leading into Dartford, I was rocking out to the Klaxons before some guy next to me wound down his window and started yelling at me. No idea why but hey I am not going to be shy, he told me he was getting out of his car which I figured was good for him and told him to do just that and although he opened his door twice he clearly lacked the minerals. Although this altercation went on across several lanes with me eventually out manouvering him anyway and leaving him with a novelty wave and wishing I had shown him my Jingle Bells. After eventually getting in front of the traffic I was soon with my girl and her family and enjoying the rest of Christmas. A lot of rushing about but well worth it!